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Richard Turere with his lights

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Richard Turere is the 13 year old inventor of the Turere Lion Lights. To support his work which is saving lions and Maasai cattle, please make a donation on this blog or on the main site here.

Richard was discovered by a WildlifeDirect team  while working on a project to find new ways to reduce human lion conflict in the Kitengela area just south of the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. We wrote about it on Baraza blog last April here.

The monitoring of lion attacks on homesteads revealed that one household quite close to the park seemed immune to lion attacks. That was the Turere household. We visited the home and found strange lights taped to the posts around the cattle stockade. These, 13 year old Richard explained, were lights to scare away the lions.

Richard bringing his cows home (photo Paula Kahumbu)

After attending a TED Talent search in Nairobi (view  the video here), Richard was selected for the main TED stage and appearance at TED in Longbeach California in February 2013. His performance won a standing ovation and Richards invention of flashing lights has received world-wide attention . Numerous newspapers such as The Toronto Star, Kenya’s Daily Nation in Kenya, and websites such as National Geographic and CNN have profiled him and his work.

Richard giving his talk at TED

WildlifeDirect is proud to be associated with Richard. We secured him a scholarship at Brookhouse International School in Nairobi, and WildlifeDirect CEO Paula Kahumbu is his guardian and mentor. We are working on further developing his invention and scaling it up across the Masai landscape in Kenya. If you would like to help, please make a donation which will go towards this invention and encouraging other young innovators in Kenya.

Richard gave a talk at his new school Brookhouse International which held a TEDx event – watch the video here

Richard will be writing posts for this blog to share with you how things are going.

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